Amazon store in bulgaria

Amazon store in bulgaria

We have an exceptional business solution, which is tailored to boost the profit of any Amazon seller. We can help you earn more out of every sale you make – it is simple to achieve, yet fully legal and reliable.

We can cut significantly your operating costs, if you choose to start your new company in Bulgaria with us. Once you send us a short inquiry to, we would be delighted to prepare, and give you a more specific estimation related to your business and needs.

You will be able to check and compare with your own current costs, and decide if this strategic step is interesting to you or not.

Your “Bulgarian Amazon Store” includes:

  • Company formation: we prepare all documents and register your new company in Bulgaria
  • VAT registration (optional): Depending on your market and your turnover on it, you might be obliged to register for VAT in Bulgaria, or in other EU country.
  • Office / Storehouse: we have at our disposal a network of real estate agencies, and we are ready to find you the most suitable and least expensive office, storehouse, or any other facility required
  • Administration: we do all the accounting and bookkeeping for you. Also you get full assistance in getting permits/licenses for your activity, keeping you away of the complicated and time-consuming bureaucratic procedures.
  • Recruiting staff: based on your individual trading requirements, we can select and hire supporting personnel to take care of your packaging, shipments and all the other relevant activities your store will need.

How working with us benefits your business:

  • By setting up your Amazon store in Bulgaria with us, you benefit from the lowest taxation in the entire European Union – only 10% flat corporate tax!
    We decrease your labor costs by recruiting the necessary support staff for you: Bulgaria is rated amongst the least expensive countries in the European Union in terms of labor costs
  • We decrease your administrative costs for running your business – inexpensive accounting services, low office rent, optimized nominee directors/shareholders fees;
    Facilitated and quick import of goods: Bulgaria provides smooth procedures for importing goods from various countries. The customs in Bulgaria are more flexible and provide less complexity for releasing the imported goods. Also, the country has low-cost fees for customs processes.
  • Previous experience with other Amazon sellers: we know what are the main needs and demands of most Amazon sellers. We already have the necessary experience to provide everything that is important for the effortless operations of your new Amazon Store in Bulgaria, if you trust our abilities to help you.
  • Educated workers: even though the labor force is inexpensive, people are well educated in Bulgaria, and most of them speak foreign languages: English and German being the most prevailing ones
  • Time zone: in terms of time, Bulgaria has only a couple of hours difference from the countries in Western Europe;

The entire process may take a lot of time and resources, and may cause unnecessary stress for anyone who is alien to the rigid bureaucratic system of Bulgaria. This is where we step in with our knowledge and years of experience in this field – we take the whole burden from you, and set up everything from scratch for your needs.


We provide a great flexibility in our services. Depending on your needs and preferences,
we can offer you our most optimized solution –Amazon store with Nominee Director and shareholder.

  • Control and Management – We know how important is for you to have a full control of your business. You can manage remotely your enterprise in Bulgaria by appointing a Nominee Director/shareholder who is provided by our company.
  • You are protected by full anonymity
  • Complete transparency and tailored contract agreements
  • Full confidentiality and privacy: we sign a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) once we start talking about sensitive information regarding your business
  • No time constraints in the contracts – you can end your nominee services with us anytime you wish – simple and easy.

Individual services

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