Company Incorporation with a Nominee Director & Shareholder

Company Incorporation with a Nominee Director & Shareholder

We have created a package of services which covers all essential administrative and legal procedures for a foreigner to start operating in Bulgaria.
The bundle:

  • Incorporation of a new Limited Liability Company in Bulgaria
  • Shareholder & Nominee Director provided for 1 year
  • VAT registration
  • Bulgarian bank, e-banking company account
  • Registered office & address of correspondence for 1 year

The process of doing it yourself can be rather tiring & complicated.

With this package and our help it takes about 2 weeks until your Company is legally eligible to conduct business operations.

We are a dynamic and flexible team of professionals providing ample convenience in operating your new business in Bulgaria. Hence, the package is done that :

  • Do not have to be physically present in Bulgaria
  • The package includes the essential ingredients & actions required to start business operations
  • All incorporation documents are set up from a distance – by mail and correspondence

If, however, you need it done faster than 2 weeks, you can check out our “Ready-made Company with a Nominee Director & Shareholderpackage. With it, your company is ready for business operations for only 3 DAYS.


  • An official, authorized Company Representative who represents the JSC before Bulgaria Public Institutions & the Tax Authorities
  • An official, registered Company Office and correspondence address
  • Includes the government fees for the Company’s Annual Financial Statements mandatory publishing with the Commercial Register
  • The preparation and filling of the documents needed for the acceptance of the Annual Financial statements by the shareholder/s & the distribution of the annual profits
  • A Review of Compliance – done on an annual basis

For the first year

Service Price in EUR
Incorporation of a limited liability company (EOOD/OOD) 250
Nominee director and shareholder monthly fees
Registration of VAT 0
E-banking & Bulgarian Bank Account creation 0
Provision of a registered office and correspondence address (quarterly fee) 0
Total price after discount(without nominee services) 250

Fees for each subsequent year

Service Price in EUR
Nominee Director & Shareholder monthly fees
Maintenance administrative fee* 200
Amount 200
Discount 200
Total price(without nominee services) 0

Individual services

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