Bank accounts – opening in Bulgaria

Bank accounts – opening in Bulgaria

If you want to relocate, expand, have already acquired a newly incorporated company in Bulgaria (BG) or an already established one (ready-made company option), you need a Bulgarian bank account, especially if you plan to conduct various business operations in the country.

For the last 15 years Bulgaria has been quite a stable economy, welcoming foreign business investors, regardless the many periods of uncertainties and instabilities on the world economic landscape. By opening a bank account here, you are guaranteed stable access to payments in FX currencies to any of your partners and clients worldwide.

As a SEPA member, Bulgaria and its banks maintain exceptional reputation on international markets, continuously having multiple interbank & correspondent accounts with all major global banking institutions.

FX currencies and the BGN (Bulgarian lev)

The national currency, called the “Bulgarian lev” (BGN), is quite risk-averse as it has been fixed to the Euro for more than 10 years now, and is set at a rate of 1.9558 levs per euro.

When someone transfers you money in other than your account’s currency, the bank  automatically converts it in your designated one, at the current FX rate.

Any Bulgarian bank account can be administered with e-banking, all available in English. We take into consideration your specific banking requirements, and pick with you the most suitable banking solution in Bulgaria.
Virtual POS devices or debit cards (VISA & MASTERCARD) can be provided.

All deposit and current bank accounts in Bulgaria are insured for up to 100,000 EUR per bank (all in accordance with EU regulations & policies).

With Bulgarian banks, you can open your accounts in any of the following currencies:

  • Euros (EUR) Account
  • US Dollars (USD) Account
  • Swiss Francs (CHF) Account
  • British Pounds (GBP) Account
  • Canadian Dollars (CAD) Account – possible in some cases
  • Japanese Yens (JPY) Account – possible in some cases
  • Swedish kronas (SEK) Account – possible in some cases

We will:

  • Be your guide in filtering & choosing the appropriate Bank – all of which have their different and sometimes unique sets of rules, advantages, requirements, risk policies and ways of working
  • Help you identify and work with banks which allow remote bank account opening (a specific power of attorney and opening forms, notarized abroad are enough)

Bank account opening

Service Frequency / unit Price in EUR
Bulgarian bank account (with e-banking) Fee 250

Optional services

Service Frequency / unit Price in EUR
Physical POS device Fee 200
VISA or Mastercard debit cards Fee 0-50
Virtual POS Fee 300

Potential additional bank charges

Additional cost for the opening and the maintenance of accounts is dependent on the specific, chosen bank and can be the following

VISA or Mastercard debit cards ordering fee 0 – 20
Debit card monthly maintenance fee Monthly 0 – 5
Fixed, minimum account balance required (variable) 0 – 100
Account opening fee 5 – 15
Courier services fee 20 – 60
Monthly maintenance Monthly 3 – 20
Online Banking (e-banking services) Free of charge
Bank transfer fees for BGN transactions Per bank transfer 0 – 1
Reception of official paper bank statements by the Accounting Department Monthly 1 – 5
FX incoming & outgoing transfers fees Depending on the type of current account, transfer currency and the value date. Please  contact us for more info.

Individual services

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