Bulgaria-based JSCs (Joint-Stock Company)

Bulgaria-based JSCs (Joint-Stock Company)

Foreign entities and individuals prefer to form a Joint Stock Company (JSC) if they conduct larger scale business operations or need to attract capital investment.

There are 2 types of Joint Stock Companies (JSCs) in Bulgaria: “AD” – multiple (a minimum of 2) shareholders and “EAD” – single (only 1) shareholder

Features of a Bulgarian JSC:

  • The company must have at least 1 Chairman, 3 Board Members and 1 Shareholder
  • No restrictions for nationalities
  • 25 000 EUR minimum required capital
  • High incentives to generate capital investment
  • Obligatory annual audit

The Bulgaria-based JSCs are entities, separate from their owner/s and are liable to external factors (e.g. creditors) with the company’s assets only. A shareholder is personally liable to such only if they have not contributed their required capital.

Initial fees

Service Frequency / unit Price in EUR
JSC Incorporation (Joint Stock Company),bank account with online banking, VAT Fixed fee 850
Company Registered Office with a correspondence address Annual fee 200
Total amount 1050

Fees for each subsequent year

Service Frequency / unit Price in EUR
Maintenance administrative fee* Annually 200

The Maintenance admin fee is paid from the 2nd year onwards and includes:

  • An official, registered Company Office and correspondence address
  • Correspondence storage and reference

Individual services

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