Bulgaria branch of a foreign company

Bulgaria branch of a foreign company

Businesses often set up a Foreign Branch for the purposes of expanding their operations.

Features of the Bulgarian-based foreign company branch: 

  • The Bulgarian branch is a separate part of the already existing international company but not an individual legal enterprise
  • Any foreign company, which is a legal entity in its home country may set up a branch in Bulgaria
  • The branch becomes as a department of the company – it is free to conduct business operations for the foreign company
  • All assets and liabilities of the branch are owned by the foreign company
  • The income of the branch is taxable in Bulgaria
  • The Branch has its own Accounting & Balance Sheet

What we do for you:
Our services involve the many bureaucratic and time-consuming procedures necessary for establishing a Foreign Company Branch – collecting, processing and submitting all necessary data and documentation with the relevant state institutions in Bulgaria.

What you get with our Standard Package:

The registration of a Foreign Company Branch (3-5 work days) + a Company Registered Office with a correspondence address for 1 calendar year.

Service Frequency / unit Price in EUR
Foreign company branch establishment Fee 950
Registered office and correspondence address Annual fee 200
Total amount 1150
Service Frequency / unit Price in EUR
Maintenance administrative fee Annually 200

Our yearly maintenance admin fee is paid from the 2nd year onwards, and provides:

  • An official, registered Company Office and correspondence address
  • Correspondence storage and reference

Individual services

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