Nominee director and shareholder

Nominee director and shareholder

The 10 % corporate income tax in Bulgaria has attracted a lot of foreigners trying to get an advantage of these favorable conditions.  Of course, most of the times it is impossible just to move their business to Bulgaria. However there are ways to operate a Bulgarian company without actually being present and do that actually without coming at all.

Numerous requests from foreign investors made us tailor and create a special and unique product. BS Bulgaria  is the only company in Bulgaria which offers Nominee Director and Shareholder Services where foreign clients start operating their new Bulgarian company in 2-3 business days from a distance. Nominee director and shareholder are provided, signing especially designed contracts by our lawyers arranging the operating, administrative and financial relationships. Actual owners have complete control over the administrative, operative and financial parts. The director issues a general Power of Attorney and everything is done securely from distance.

The client has complete control over the arrangement and can resign the director at any time and appoint another person. Another benefit of a limited company formation (buying a ready-made) with a nominee director is that the real owner can protect their anonymity, as they will not be listed on the official records at the Bulgarian Trade Register or any other public database record. This provides a level of personal security or protection for the individual interests.

Depending on the type of company and the turnover, the monthly fee for the Nominee Director and Shareholder may vary from 250 to 1000 euro a month.

Upon request we will provide you a sample of those contracts and normally we may amend parts according to the clients’ specifications. We can also send you detailed information about this service and more precise pricing.

Services paid during the first and each subsequent year

Service Frequency / unit Price in EUR
Nominee Shareholder Provided Monthly 250-1000
Nominee Director Provided Monthly 250-1000

Individual services

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