Representative office

Representative office

A common way for many companies to establish initial or partial presence in a foreign country is the registration of a representative office. It is normally used to conduct promotional, marketing, networking and communication operations (non-transactional). The main idea is to maintain a close contact with foreign customers and suppliers. The representative office is not a subject to in-country tax and therefore there is virtually no regulatory burden from the foreign authorities. This way companies benefit from the simplified setup process, eliminating a few hurdles.

Factors to considering when setting up an office in Bulgaria:

  • Your company must be legally allowed to conduct business in its country of registration
  • The representative office is entitled to conduct its own business operations – it is not a separate, legal entity according to Bulgarian legislation

The legal establishment of the representative office involves the following:
1) Application documents setting up
2) Translation and legalisation of documents
3) Related registration fees covered
4) Registration with the BCCI (Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce) – includes information about the foreign company; name of the office; the address and the official representative/s of the office
5) Correspondence address for 3 months

Initial fees

Service Frequency / unit Price in EUR
Registration of a representative office Fee 850

Optional services

Service Frequency / unit Price in EUR
E-banking & Bulgarian Bank Account creation Fee 50

Fees for each subsequent year

Service Frequency / unit Price in EUR
Maintenance administrative fee Annually 200

The Maintenance admin fee is paid from the 2nd year onwards and includes:

  • An official, registered Company Office and correspondence address
  • Correspondence storage and reference

Individual services

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