Residence permits in Bulgaria

EU citizens

European citizens can reside in Bulgaria with a valid identity card and passport within three months from their entry. Those who wish to prolong their stay in Bulgaria can apply for a residence permit.

Short-stay visa (Type C)

Non-EU citizens apply for “C” Visa for the purposes of transit or planned stay. C Visa gives the right to single or multiple stays in Bulgaria. The total duration must not exceed 90 days within 6 months from entering the country.

Non-EU citizens

Reasons for issuing a residence permit for continuous stay in Bulgaria:

  • The foreigner is a board member of a Bulgarian company, employing at least 10 Bulgarian citizens
  • The foreigner is a sales representative of a foreign company registered at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce
  • The foreigner is granted a work permit by the National Employment Agency (If you do not have a guaranteed job in Bulgaria, BSSolutions can assist you with finding one)

Long-stay visa (Type D)

“D” visa is issued to a foreigner wishing a long-term stay or a permanent residence in Bulgaria. The total duration of the stay must not exceed 180 days for a period of 6 months.

A long-stay visa with a validity term of up to one year and a right to stay up to 360 days may be issued to foreigners, who are students or people performing research or other job related activities.When submitting an application for a long-stay visa, the candidate is obliged to attend an interview with the relevant authorities.

For more detailed information on acquiring visas, fees, procedures, terms, deadlines and prices of our services please contact us.

Individual services

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